COYOTE GIRL Accepted Again!

We’ll see you at the Route 66 Film Festival on Saturday, November 7th. Our film will be playing in Session 5 held between 7 and 10 pm. The festival is in Springfield, IL, just West of  our shoot location on the Biggs’ Farm in Westfield.

Screen Shot from opening of "Coyote Girl"



The Route 66 Film Festival is in it’s 14th year and we are very honored to be a part of it! We are looking forward to experiencing this festival that claims to have “something for everyone” from shorts to features, experimental films to docs, local to international films.

On their Facebook page they state:  “The general theme of our festival is journey, whether emotional, physical, spiritual or personal. We strive to introduce audiences to talented artists from around the world, as well as the American Midwest.” 

You can see more of what they are about and keep up to date on their announcements by following them here:

But, of course, we’ll keep you updated, too.

Rick and Biggs on set for Coyote Girl

Coyote Girl Sneak Peek!

It’s rainy in the Berkshires today. The whole world looks black and white. So here’s a celebratory still from our short upcoming film Coyote Girl . Fun fact about our process: Coyote Girl was shot in color and edited to greyscale in post. Check out this shot from the film featuring actor Gail Shalan as Riley Ann and the infamous Coyote in action:

"What do we do now?" Still from upcoming short film "COYOTE GIRL" starring Gail Shalan and Robert Biggs
“What do we do now?” Still from upcoming short film “COYOTE GIRL” starring Gail Shalan and Robert Biggs