One of the best parts of being at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 was all of the amazing and inspiring theatre going on all within a few miles of each other, a walk-able smorgasboard. You could pick whatever you wanted. And although the world isn’t as conveniently smushed together as that blossoming month of creativity, Outcast Café continues to discover truly inspirational fellow artists making the kind of theatre and art that we can really get behind, the kind that lights a fire in our hearts and under our butts. This post marks the first of our monthly blog trend: #inspiringfellows


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Our #inspiringfellows this month are the Pigpen Theatre Co. and their gorgeous show “The Old Man and The Old Moon”. In their first year at Carnegie Mellon these seven talented storytellers and musicians, came together for a devised side project and have stuck to songs, shadow puppets, simple tales and each other ever since. We love their sense of play and clarity of storytelling, their clever use of beautiful and original music, and especially their inspiring use of shadow puppets. Check them out: www.pigpentheatre.com & @PigPenTheatreCo 

The Old Man And The Old MoonThe Gym at JudsonTOMATOM---Just-Like-the-Sea











(photos sourced from writerstheatre.org, tumbler.com, and lydiafine.com)

Who do you find inspiring? Any recommended #inspiringfellows that we just can’t miss? Tweet #inspiringfellows to @outcastcafe with your inspirations and suggestions.